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Back into the
Heian Period:
An incense

This tour will take you back into the Heian Era to experience and learn about the unique local culture, traditions, lifestyle and customs of Saga Arashiyama, which have been handed down for more than 1,200 years.

Torokko Kameoka Station to Saga Station
Approx. 26 minutes by train

Feel the breeze as you head out through the ravines toward Arashiyama in the open-air “Rich” train car.
Travel through time as you make your way to Arashiyama, to begin your journey into the distant past.

Approx. 20 minutes by cab
Ayu no Yado Tsutaya
Duration approx. 40 minutes

Ayu is a species of sweetfish that used to be very popular among the Heian aristocracy. Taste the highly recommended menu at the long-established Tsutaya with 400 years of history. Soak in the unique atmosphere, created by the thatched roof on the outside, or the serene interior, delicious dishes and the warmth of the owner and staff.

Oku-Saga (Atago-kaido)
Walk for approx. 10 minutes

The Okusaga area is a historical road that stretches deep into the Arashiyama area and is known for its ancient atmosphere.
There are many historical and cultural heritage sites that retain a strong sense of Heian culture.
Trace the steps of not only the Heian aristocracy, but also the famous warlords and historical figures.

Duration approx. 30 minutes

Create your own unique silk cocoon doll under the gentle guidance of the warm and friendly store owner, Mrs Kanata, who has not taken a single day off for the whole 45 years of the store's existence. She is as charming as knowledgeable and even a simple conversation with her makes time fly by.

Walk for approx. 30 minutes
Sagano Kobo
Duration approx. 20 minutes

Explore the mysteries of "washi" Japanese paper at this specialized washi store.
The store is owned and run by Mrs. Hayashi, a charming elderly lady who is more than happy to demonstrate what makes washi so special.

Walk for approx. 30 minutes
Tenkodo Sagano Store
Duration approx. 1 hour

Experience making your own incense with traditional materials, just like the aristocracy of the Heian Era has.
Tenkodo is a family-owned, long-established incense store that specializes in Chinese herbal medicine and has been favored among many temples and shrines. Infuse your daily life with a dash of elegance through the incense beloved by aristocracy in the Heian Era.

Aside from Incense, there are also Waka, Haiku and Mother-of-pearl experiences available.

Walk for approx. 15 minutes
Bamboo grove
Walk for approx. 15 minutes

The Bamboo Grove Path is one of the most popular photo spots not only in Arashiyama but also in Kyoto.
Towering high on both sides of the path, the bamboo forest tunnel stretches about 400 meters and is truly a sight to behold.
Arashiyama is said to have been a vacation home for aristocrats during the Heian period and the well-preserved bamboo path behind the Tenryuji temple does its history justice with its unique atmosphere.

Arashiyama Park Viewing Platform
Duration approx. 10 minutes

Also dubbed "the most beautiful spot in Arashiyama", this spot offers you an amazing sight of the Hozu River stream wedged between the Arashiyama and Ogura mountains.
From cherry blossoms in spring or lush greenery in summer, to autumn leaves in fall and snow in winter, the view is truly picturesque throughout the year.

Walk for approx. 20 minutes
Pleasure boat (Arashiyama Yakatabune Kita pier)
Duration approx. 1 hour

The trip will end with a boat ride, a favorite pastime of the aristocrats. Now you too can become a nobleman of the Heian period!
Enjoy a moment of tranquility, surrounded by the sound of silence at the Oi River.
On a clear night, you may be lucky enough to see the moon reflected on the water!

Tour concludes after disembarking