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A private premium
experience tour
to strengthen
your bonds

Originally built by the emperor Saga as a detached palace, the Daikakuji Temple will become the stage of our tour where you can experience the monk training and even visit the otherwise off-limits areas.
Finish the tour with a surprise bouquet of flowers and mutually express your gratitude to your special someone, strengthening the bond between you.

preceding day
Ryotei Rangetsu
Stay 1 night

The 4-star ryokan Rangetsu offers an outdoor bath overlooking Arashiyama and the Oi River.
This tour offers you a chance to stay in the special rooms of the prestigious hotel located conveniently close to the famous Togetsukyo bridge.
Enjoy the only “free-flowing” hot spring water in the Arashiyama area.
The refined dinner is prepared with seasonal ingredients unique to the area.

Approx. 10 minutes by cab
Akechi Gate
Guiding approx. 20 minutes

Participate in a special viewing of the Daikakuji Temple, built on the site of the former detached palace of emperor Saga.
The head monk will greet you at the Akechi gate and take you on a private excursion of the temple precinct before its official opening hours.

Main Sutra Hall
Duration approx. 45 minutes

Participate in a special service that has been handed down for approximately 1,200 years at Daikakuji Temple.
After that, attend the morning service performed daily by the monks and bask in the quiet and solemn atmosphere.
Experience first-hand the unique inherited teachings of Daikakuji Temple, centering on the Heart Sutra.

Walk for approx. 5 minutes
Main Hall
Duration approx. 25 minutes

Learn the proper ways of Daikakuji, heavily focused on sutra copying.
Try your hand at Daikakuji original sutra copying which also incorporates prayer elements.
Place the finished sutras in the main hall of Daikakuji as an offering.
※Due to weather conditions, parts of the course may be subject to change and replacement

Shinden Hall
Duration approx. 25 minutes

Try your hand at a pattern-making experience in a beautiful white sand garden, otherwise completely off-limits to the general public.
The sight of Daikakuji from a unique and rare perspective is truly impressive.
Create a special beautiful sand pattern with your loved one.
※Due to weather conditions, parts of the experience may be subject to change

Walk for approx. 5 minutes
Duration approx. 45 minutes

Gain exclusive access to a room used by the Imperial Family.
Enjoy a special menu from Izusen, a long-established vegetarian restaurant with a branch in Okusaga.
Enjoy an extraordinary experience with a view of the Japanese garden, which is closed to other visitors.

Walk for approx. 15 minutes
Ozawa Pond
Duration approx. 30 minutes

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Osaka Pond garden, oldest of its kind and just as stunning as back in the Heian Era.
Surprise your partner with a bouquet of flowers at a special spot with a spectacular view. Mutually express your gratitude to each other, strengthen your bond between you and vow to face future trials together.

Free stroll