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Torokko Hozukyo

Torokko Hozukyo Station

Across the suspension bridge over the Hozu River is the Torokko Hozukyo Station, with a host of Tanuki raccoon dog statues welcoming its visitors. This area is also famous for its beautiful scenery and fresh air, making it a perfect spot for hiking. Countless hikers visit the area during most seasons, attracted by the cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, and autumn foliage.


Trolley Hozukyo Station is an unmanned station located in a ravine, with multiple obstacles on the way to the platform including multiple sets of stairs and a suspension bridge. The toilets are Japanese style and are accessible only via the stairs of the connecting bridge over the platform.

Torokko Hozukyo Station
Assistance dogs OK

Station information

Address 〒610-0000 Kyoto, Nishikyo Ward, Arashiyama Kitamatsuoyama
Facilities Restrooms

Recommended spots
Recommended spots

Shigarakiyaki Tanuki Statues

A family of Tanuki raccoon dogs lines the platform of Hozukyo Station, with each item in their possession having its own meaning.
Since ancient times these raccoon dogs have been decorating store fronts in hope they will bring prosperity for the business, as they are believed to bring good luck by ""outwitting everyone else"". The Sagano Scenic Rail cherishes these ""Tanuki"" as a symbol of good luck and the best hospitality we aim to offer our guests.

Ukou Bridge

The "Cormorant Bridge" in front of the Torokko Hozukyo Station is the only suspension bridge connecting the station and the Kyoto-Hiyoshi Miyama Line.

Hozugawa Gorge

The Hozu Gorge is a beautiful valley with rapids flowing down through a deep V-shaped valley. The beautiful gorge woven by the Hozu River (Katsura River) can be seen below, and is crowded with hikers on holidays.