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This store is located at Torokko Saga Station, the first station of the Torokko train.

Saga-no-an” is a store located at Torokko Saga Station, the first station of the Torokko train. The entire store is decorated with the image of a bamboo grove, a famous sightseeing spot in Saga Arashiyama, based on the concept of a bamboo forest. In addition to original trolley train products, we also offer Kyoto’s famous confections.
※Traffic IC and credit cards can be used at the trolley store!

Trolley original yatsuhashi

To commemorate our 30th anniversary, we have created an original package of yatsuhashi. It will be sold exclusively at Saga no Iori, so please buy it♪
590 yen (tax included)

Kyo no Machikado Wasabi Peanuts & Taste of Kyoto

Established in 1884, Kyoto’s long-established “Mamemasa” has created an original package for its “Kyo no Machikado” series. Wasabi peanuts with a very beautiful collaboration of Arashiyama’s famous bamboo grove and the trolley train. The scenery along the train line and the trolley train are a beautiful taste journey. Please take it as a souvenir.
430 yen (tax included)

Run! Trolley Train

Sagano trolley train moves as if it is floating to the music♪ “Run. trolley train” that moves to the lively music! Please purchase “Torokko Ressha” that moves to the lively music.
2,000 yen (tax included)

Original Trolley Train Mask

This mask is embroidered with a trolley train. It comes in three colors and two designs. There are two types: one for adults and one for children. The one-point embroidery is very cute☆Why don’t you and your child match?
500 yen (tax included)

Sagano Trolley Train “Senju Senbei

This is the original Sagano Trolley version of Kyoto’s long-established Kougetsu’s Senju Senbei.
※Sold only at Saga Trolley Station.
1,300 yen (tax included)

※The color and shape of the product may appear different from the actual product on the website.
Please check with the actual product in the store.


Address 616-8373 Saga Tenryuji Kuramichicho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City