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About seats

Please note that the Rich No. 5 (No. 5) is an open air car including the side panels and floor, and may get wet in case of rain. Umbrellas are not allowed on board even in case of rain.
If you wish to board the Rich Car (No. 5), please indicate so when you purchase your ticket by selecting "Rich Car/5" on the web reservation form (If the train is fully booked out an "X" mark will be displayed on the train selection screen).

Standard seats

Standard train cars of Sagano Romantic Train

Standard train cars are from No. 1 to No. 4 in the direction of Kameoka, with windows and seat boxes for 4 people per box.
Converted from an old freight car, the nostalgic train has a retro interior with wooden chairs and bare light bulbs.
Open the windows, feel the breeze and listen to the sound as you embark on an extraordinary journey.

About the
Rich train car

Unique train car best suited for traveling

The "Rich" car No. 5 is closest to the locomotive. Its seats are the same as those in the regular cars, but the biggest difference is that there are no windows and the ceiling is made of glass, so you can feel the breeze and listen to the sounds of the engine more closely. However, since there are no windows the inside of the train car may get wet if it rains. Since umbrellas are not allowed on board, please bring a raincoat with you for the ride.

Important notes regarding seating

Please be aware of the following information regarding seating

Wheelchairs Accessible.
Guide dogs and service dogs Allowed to board. Please speak to the station staff in advance.
Baby carriage/pram Please fold them up before boarding.
Bicycles Not allowed on board.
Pets Permitted to board only when fully enclosed in a pet case within the specified limits. (fee required)
Pet carts are not allowed.

For details please visit the "For passengers with disabilities" page.