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For wheelchair users

This section provides information on the facilities, how to use them, and how to purchase tickets to enjoy and use the Sagano Scenic Railway safely, securely, and comfortably.


There are two wheelchair-accessible spaces (cars No. 3 and No. 5) on the Sagano Romantic Train.
However, due to the narrow interior of the train, drivable electric carts ("senior cars") and stretchers are not allowed on board.

There are gaps and steps between the train and the platform. Station staff will provide a wheelchair ramp upon request.
The door width of the train is 65 cm. Some trains may not be possible to board whilst using a wheelchair.
Passengers in wheelchairs are not allowed to move in the aisles of the train.
Some of the Sagano Scenic Railway stations are either unmanned, (Torokko Hozukyo Station) or not barrier-free (Torokko Arashiyama Station, which has a 60-step staircase).

Torokko Kameoka Station Ramp
Torokko Kameoka Station Elevator
Torokko Kameoka Station Multipurpose Restroom
Torokko Saga Station Ramp
Torokko Saga Station Multipurpose Restroom

Wheelchair Accessibility

Passengers who ride in the seat they have purchased and do not need to exchange their seat for a wheelchair-accessible seat should let us know in advance so that we can facilitate the boarding process.
Support is available to potential passengers even before purchasing a ticket. Please contact us sufficiently in advance by sending an inquiry form by FAX, or by calling us directly (Torokko Saga Station - 075-871-3997).

Click here for the inquiry form

*It is not possible to purchase tickets via the inquiry form sent by fax or by phone. Please purchase the tickets through proper channels in advance.
*Please note that depending on the availability of wheelchair-accessible spaces we may not be able to accommodate your request regarding the date and time of use or the boarding and disembarking stations.

If you contact us in advance and we are able to prepare a wheelchair-accessible space for you, we will exchange your ticket for a wheelchair-accessible seat at the boarding station ticket counter on the day of boarding. Please be sure to arrive at the ticket counter of the boarding station sufficiently in advance.

Requests for Wheelchair Users

・Please use the brakes when inside the train car or when waiting for a train on the platform.
・Please be mindful of the passengers around you when moving.
・If you need help using the restroom at the station, please have a caregiver with you.
*There are no restrooms on the train.

For visually impaired passengers

Assistance dogs for the physically challenged (service dogs, guide dogs, and hearing dogs) are allowed on trains free of charge. (However, they must be marked as required by law.)
Braille blocks are installed on the platforms and concourses of each station (Torokko Saga Station and Torokko Kameoka Station).
Braille information boards are installed at Torokko Saga Station and Torokko Kameoka Station.
If you would like an attendant to guide you to the train, please fax the inquiry form or call Torokko Saga Station (075-871-3997).
If we see a visually impaired passenger traveling alone on the train, our staff may ask the passenger if they would like our assistance.

Braille information board at Torokko Saga Station
Torokko Kameoka Station Elevator
Platform Braille block
Station concourse Braille block

For passengers with hearing or speech disabilities

Assistance dogs for the physically challenged (service dogs, guide dogs, and hearing dogs) are allowed on trains free of charge. (However, they must be marked as required by law.)
Written information is available at each station counter (except Torokko Hozukyo Station). Please feel free to ask for assistance.

Click here for the inquiry form