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About the Sagano Romantic Train

Overwhelming scenic beauty
and an enjoyable, nostalgic train journey

The Sagano Romantic Train used to be a small freight train that transported goods to places difficult to service by trucks or standard rail. The image of a small rustic train rattling along as it slowly makes its way to its destination fits the Sagano train perfectly. The train might be about as fast as a bicycle, but that is exactly what enables you to enjoy the nature around Hozu River and the beauty of the valley. It takes approximately 25 minutes to cover the whole 7 km long trail. From cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, autumn foliage or sometimes snowy landscapes in winter, the amazing scenery can be enjoyed in every season.

The beauty of the valley can be truly enjoyed on board the train. Perhaps you will be able to take a picture that could not be taken anywhere else.

Highlights of the Sagano Romantic Train
The charm of Sagano Romantic Train

Connected since its founding
The history of the train

Sagano Scenic Railway Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 with only nine staff members, including the president. The purpose of the company was to utilize the rail tracks no longer in use due to the double tracked JR San-in Line for sightseeing.
With the desire to please our customers, we have provided our services putting great emphasis on hospitality, and before long our company became a popular feature of Arashiyama in Kyoto.
We hope to continue to safely provide excitement to our customers and to be a company that grows side by side with the local residents.

Sense of freedom
A different world beyond the window

The Sagano Romantic Train has a classical color scheme and the sight of the train as it weaves through the valley pulled by a diesel locomotive may inspire feelings of nostalgia in many passengers.
The interior of the five train cars is designed in an Art Deco-style with wooden chairs and bare light bulbs. The train whisks you away from the comforts of everyday life and takes you on an extraordinary journey surrounded by the sounds of nature and gentle breeze. If you ride in the “Rich” car (No. 5) without windows, you will get to enjoy the sounds, the light and the breeze to the fullest.

The amazing scenic beauty
different with each passing season

Whether the gentle cherry blossom carried by the spring breeze, the refreshing greenery and bamboo in summer, the autumn foliage of maple leaves painting the valley red or the pristine white snow covering the scenery in winter, the Sagano Romantic Train offers the best view of the area in each season as makes its way through the valley.
The sheer beauty of the scenery spread out before you is bound to become an unforgettable memory.

Heart of hospitality
Passed down through generations

Our Sagano Scenic Railway diesel locomotive drivers are both highly technically skilled and mindful of customer needs, providing you with a safe and enjoyable journey.
From conductors on board the train to the friendly staff at the stations and station stores, we put great emphasis on hospitality and make great effort to provide you with both a perfectly safe and equally enjoyable experience.