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Site Policy
Sagano Scenic Railway Co., Ltd. (hereafter "the Railway") operates the Sagano Scenic Railway Website (hereafter "the Site") as outlined below. All users of the Site are understood to have agreed to these terms.
Copyrights for all the contents (text, photographs, illustrations, programs, database works, and other posted content) on the Site belong to the Railway or to their respective owners. The Site strictly prohibits all use, including the copying, forwarding, broadcast, distribution, lending, translation, recreation, sale, or other similar act, of the materials on the Site without the permission of the owner.
2. Links
  • In general, external sites may link to the Site's home page freely.
    As a general rule, please direct any links to the URL specified below.
    ( http://sagano-kanko.co.jp )。
  • Please do not link to the Site so that it displays within a frame on another site, as the discrepancy in provider may cause misunderstanding among users. Set any links so that the Site displays in a new window.
  • Linking to the Site from the following types of websites is strictly prohibited.
    1. Sites containing content intending to slander or harm the trust of the Railway, other companies, or third parties
    2. Sites created with the intention of violating the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property of the Railway, other companies, or third parties
    3. Sites intending to conduct commercial activity by linking to the Site (supplying information available on this site in exchange for money, etc.)
    The Railway takes no responsibility for any damages or losses resulting from linking to the Site.
    Please also note that as a general rule we do not accept offers to link to external websites on the Site.
    The Railway does not guarantee that information on the Site and information accessible through the Site is free of computer viruses.
    External links posted on the Site are operated under the responsibility of their respective owners. The integrity, accuracy, utility, safety, legality, and other such qualities of information posted on these external sites is not guaranteed, nor is the availability of the site or the quality, etc. of any products, etc. posted on them.
    As the Railway takes no responsibility for problems occurring at sites linked to the Site, please resolve any such issues individually.
3.The Site in Magazines and Other Media
When providing information about the Site via magazine articles, CD-ROM shortcuts, and all other media, the above articles in sections 1 and 2 also apply. Please also contact the Railway before making any such postings.
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4.Information Provided to the Railway via Internet, etc.
Please refrain from sending the Railway, via the Internet, etc., technical or commercial suggestions or related information, as it could cause conflict in the event that the Railway independently develops, considers, or deploys some technical or commercial creation that incidentally resembles the original suggestion.
In the event that a suggestion or similar information is provided via the Internet, etc., the Railway will take the following actions.
  • The Railway will not evaluate or consider information provided to it.
  • The Railway bears no duty of confidentiality with regards to information provided to it.
  • Even in the event that the content of a suggestion bears resemblance in part or in whole to a plan deployed, developed, or utilized by the Railway, the Railway bears no responsibility to provide any payment or compensation.
5.Disclaimers Regarding Posted Information
The Railway takes great care to provide accurate information on the Site, but does not guarantee the integrity, accuracy, utility, safety, or other such quality of that information. The Railway also bears no responsibility for any outcomes resulting from actions taken by users based on information provided on the Site.
Information regarding products, sales, etc. on the Site is incomplete information regarding products that the Railway sells or sales campaign that the Railway conducts; please understand that it is not all-encompassing. Furthermore, all the information posted on the Site is information formed at the time of posting, and that after such time, titles and content may change without notice, and the delay from the time of posting may create discrepancies between actual fact and information on the Site.
The Site's URL, including the home page, is also subject to change without notice. Understand that the Railway does not bear any responsibility for any broken links, etc. resulting from the Site's URL change, or issues arising from display malfunctions.
6.Operating Environment
  1. The display of contents on the Site and its operation are optimized for Internet Explorer 11.
    Download the latest version of Internet Explorer
    * When accessing the PC version of the Site from a mobile phone device, displays and functions may not operate properly.
  2. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings.
  3. Required plug-ins: Certain content requires the following plug-in.
    Adobe Reader Version 7 or later
    Download the latest version of Adobe Reader
  4. Please view the site on a monitor displaying at least 256 colors, and on a screen at least 1024x768 pixels.
The Railway provides titles of news items in RSS format.

  • Information distributed does not include all announcements made by the Railway.
    Furthermore, information is meant to be current as of the date of posting; after posting, information may become outdated and/or incorrect.
  • For maintenance and other reasons, service may be suspended, or the RSS URL and contents, may change without prior notice.
  • Depending on circumstances, RSS feeds may be stopped without prior notice.
  • The Sagano Scenic Railway Website RSS feed is only for individual, non-commercial use.
About the RSS Reader
You can download and install an RSS reader to your computer from the Internet.
Questions and inquiries regarding RSS reader use, function, operating environment, etc., as well as RSS reader and similar software and service functions, should be directed to the company, organization, or individual providing that software.
  1. The Sagano Scenic Railway Website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), recognized as the currently most highly trusted Internet cryptographic communications technology, for its communications.
  2. Databases including customers' personal information are stored on equipment monitored with the utmost strictness. Firewalls and other devices are also installed so as to maintain security against unauthorized access via the Internet.
9.Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Unless otherwise stated, the usage of the Site and the interpretation and application of posted information and these policies will conform to Japanese law. Furthermore, in the event of a dispute, jurisdiction will fall first to the Kyoto District Court.