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Advance Tickets for “The Rich” Car (Car No. 5) on Sale Now

Up to now, same-day tickets for “The Rich” car (car No. 5) were sold at our station counters. However, for dates after March 1, 2020, tickets can be purchased starting one month in advance (on sale February 1, 2020) at major Japanese travel agencies, via the JR-WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION service, or from a Midori-no-Madoguchi counter or Midori-no-Kenbaiki PLUS ticket machines at select JR West stations in the Keihanshin (Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe) area.

To ride on “The Rich” car (car No. 5), tell a staff member you would like to ride on the “Sagano Rich Car” when purchasing your ticket. Select “Sagano Rich Car” when making a reservation via the online reservation service (if no seats are available, an “×” will appear on the train selection screen). “The Rich” car has no windows. Before making your purchase, please note the following.


• You may get wet in rainy weather. Umbrellas are prohibited, so please wear a raincoat.

• You will be directly hit by wind during operation. The car features an open design right down to the floor, so wind will enter from below as well.

• A processing fee will be charged for all refunds on the day of your trip, except in the case of extremely bad weather. Should a seat be available, you may make a single change to a seat on one of the other cars.

(A ¥220 fee will be deducted from all ticket refunds.)