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HO Scale Sagano Model Train
All aboard! HO Scale Sagano

Responding to popular, feverish demand, we've finally succeeded in the difficult task of recreating the Sagano at HO scale. You can now try your hand at sitting in the driver's seat of a real steam-locomotive-type train.In contrast to the N-scale type located at the entrance to the diorama hall, this HO (1/80) Sagano train has been recreated as closely as possible, based on thorough surveying and measurements of the real thing.

This careful reproduction extends beyond the steam engine. The very open-air "The Rich" car, as well as all passenger compartments, are measured and recreated with precision. Don't miss the chance to operate the model Sagano Romantic train yourself!

HO Scale Sagano
Even the emblem is recreated with precision

The Sagano emblem is meticulously reproduced on the front and sides of the train through laser processing. The beautiful and shining design begs to be admired in person, so please take the opportunity to look at it up close.

HO Scale Sagano1
HO Scale Sagano2